Speak to me – did I say something wrong
well listen – I don´t care what you think
about me and my way to handle life
describe me as mad – I describe you as a fool
your speech – for me it´s just a rattle in the shrubbery
and your crest – it won´t help you in this case
avoid talking about facts – they are not on your side
so take your rotten facade and cheat a child

you don´t believe what you say
you just try to sell a trinket as trinity
please spare me with syntethic myths
I don´t care how high it is
when ghosts like you jump over this
funeral – declared as a document of
splendid shining light
keep those capsizing achievements in
this bouquet in your hand

I give you some advice -keep your clutches from my shoulder
I don´t drop a curtsy to you – don´t pay homage to you
I hate your standardized triviality – I won´t ever agree with you

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