Try to get your own way, let pass all that`s over
Get further everyday and realize your thoughts
Of what are you afraid? What causes this trembling?
Is it the demon that wears your name
with the conviction that´s lacking in you?
dreams of liberty and passion are sweet
memories seem sometimes better than they really were
the lateral sense of some change – it grows
the torch doesn´t tell if it goes out or shines much brighter

The rummage of the hooks between the third and the fourth rip
it became such a familiar vault that you nearly accept it as righteous
and sucking the razors edge is a daily habit
but the way you’ve chosen is still the same only in different colour

can it be reached – the aim that you´ve determined
could you bear this sabotage without an aim in the mind
it´s hard to build your own mosaic –
to put the piece in the saving niche

get rid off them, those whose fires burn black
get rid off them, those whose fingers are covered with white mud
and wangle their asses through steril-glitterung halls
Let them think it´s their mighty empire
Let them laugh you know much better
have patience your time will come
the torch – it burns not bright for them
the melody – it changes imperceptibly
while them they suffocate in a black-brown maggoty swamp

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