Black spot, black hole, black point ,black box
black sun, black field, black queen, all blacks
Roy black, black man, black music, black king
black figure, black eyes, black hair – what d´ you prefer

blue screen, blue bird, blue shirt, blue letter
blue sea, blue movie, winter blues, blues guitar

black shadow, black crow, black snake, black rabbit
black mail, black widow, blackens all she can get

Got my black spots and I need ´em

earl gray, gray wolf, gray cloud, gray storm
gray hair, gray eyes, gray, grayer, Ludwigshafen
gray morning, gray day, gray picture, grey pen
grey beard, grey´s anatomy, fifty shades of grey

green hills, green card, green nose, green party
green face, green day, greener green, much too green

Greyhound, grey clothes, grey building, grey landscape
grey fish, grey shark, grey whale, gruyere

Got my black spots and I need ´em

And when I´ve found them then I curse them
at the same time I adore them
try so hard to forget them

have to accept them to be part of me
forbid them to take over me
hope to find a way to erase them

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