He walked along that street
with its serpentine lines and the obstacles on it
while the other took an excavator
and ran through the woods, destroyed all he could
and he looked at little things with their own universes
caught in cages of glass
As they met at a curve luck and darkness got mixed

After a while the positions were figured out
After a drink his fickleness was his fate
and he knew it before he could do anything against it
´cause the other was a soulbuyer
with his shape hidden behind a pastor´s smile

but how could he escape from this cage of possession
he thought of running away into nothing
and it scared him as he realised that he had a necklace on
consistent of gold and a barbed wire
and he wasn´t shure, not at all if he could live without both

his only satisfaction was that one day both would die
he likes to dance on his tormentor’s grave when he´s gone
he waits for his chance for running away and begin
where he had started once hopefully

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