Do you know
where you want to go?
Do you know
how you can get there?
Do you feel
that this is the right direction?
Are you sure
that you have placed your love on the right square?
Do you think
that the coward tells the truth?
Do you shrink
when the shelter melts away before your eyes
and it has never been so clear
the dizziness in your decision
Do you think that the flower grows without the water you give it everyday
Do you rape yourself sometimes when problems come
or do you hide in an anonymous mass
when somebody asks you what you really want
Do you tell your friend your opinion when you see him
walk like a Lemming
towards a river, a dazzling river, a brooding river, towards a river of lava

Is it real
when you think that all is ok?
Is it steel
that wall in front of you
that hinders you in going straight on?
does it impress you
or do you push your will through
earth and air
the impostor
do you care for him?
and the surrender
do you think of that again?

Is it correct, the white of your wallpaper
is it fondness of life or is it utter dullness?
do you use your sense-organs only in the rutting season
is it out of place, your appearance in a delicate situation
is the juice-extractor really so important
or are there other things to do right now?

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