Man without decision
drinks his wine about he does’t want to talk no more
winds around his vision – does he care, does he know, does he ever want to know

can you tell me my dear
what your percistence brings us here
can you show me right now
if you’re going somewhere
is there aim to be found
or on what do you count?
what do you prefer?
The gold or the end of the rainbow

God damn I know your position
More than a cage and a prison
It’s like you’re watching yourself
from the height far from the distance

Is the world that you’re in
still a little bit your own
If you could only watch from outside
to clear the picture you’re playing
a match with a dangerous stake
Tell me your stories why you can’t do that or this
I envy your talent to dream
Is it a dream of mine to wake up your mind
or is it an unwinnable spleen

Man without decision – Man at search for rhythm to carry on

Let your fantasy out to make your wishes become loud
make your world become concrete
You’ve beaten me so high with your words chosen high
my defeat was your own defeat

As if there was a battle to win against anyone
the only battle to win was yours alone
your poetry slam inspires everyone
feeds your mind of St. James
but your shell is the oyster, I don’t care how you praise it
sell it as vegan cheese

Man without decision – Man at search for rhythm to carry on

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