Despise reflections of yourself
I´m not the one to blame
for the incidents that are left behind
being so self-critical when no one cares
when everybody excuses
that no ones mind has changed one more time
I´m not proud of what I have done again
that´s a matter of course
now will you give me your gratitude
and accept that I´m your patronizing king
and my generosity impresses you
remember I´m not proud

Be like me or you´ll
never be the occupant who determines wisdom for us all
do you think love is a virtue
it´s a camouflage for your own philosophy
using the numbness to protect against the public –
it´s a step to prevent revearsal
from the incidents that are left behind

My greatness lives by your naivete
you are a meriment that my existence depends on
so go out and behave like a god when I´m not here
to fill up your pride with that consiousness you´ll never know
but still my generosity confuses you
and the distinct laughter encourages you to go on imagining
that you´re yourself – but

You´ll never be like me, like I will never be you
yes if time changes minds, I´ll be far away – you´ll see
me I´m deciding when change is in our heads
and fire in our hands
you´re problem is that you don’t have the chance to recognize the cage
so don´t try to break the lead surrounding gold and even mud
please end up as the mash I´ve always known you as
these are the incidents – these are the incidents that are left behind

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