contritely I agreed that I always be on your side
so fedit is my vow, I should smell like it in my washed clothes
I’m a rebel without an aim, I just need something to bite
it’s a reservist exercise from an age that needs restauration
outside – there are hazy colours,
inside it’s the same, so extraordinary
nothing’s cleary visible
there’s nothing that could be fixed for sure

contritely that fights at me why didn´t I set a thought before
so petty so steady I set my flag to show that I ignore

I stand here disheartet, surprised and disgusted
feel antique and antistatic
not even nocturnal used to be a porpoise
where is my gallantry, once they gave it to me
my blindness leads me, helps me taking the wrong path
I stand so close to the Gordian knot, just have to take my hands to cut
raise the head to use the sight
push the distance to my advice

contritely that fights at me why didn’t I set a thought before
so petty just steady I set my flag to show that I ignore
Whenever a man works exclusively for his pride
it’s only for external use, inside he denies

wheedle the affection, let it flow from a plateau so spacious
distant sounds of the sea hit in the face constantly
wiped away with a vision that never was
a tiny minute the temptation seems to predominate
the precognition prevailed that some prudent attitude
would kill the one-sideness in the insight
in exchange for something I go there to find out
that I was never right, I look around and see a line

I look up and I look down then see the crack misplace it sad
cause I don’t ever have the right to botch in things so heavy said
heavy comes it the miscarry that I have
I see your sight and know it right you know it’s not my first mishit today I write
that I excuse the case as prime progressive crimes are done incessant
I stumble foward point at the coward who has done my things much better
than I never runned so fast as now, do you know that feeling when you wish
you were never born so lazy
you’re never faster when you need it
except your heart is sleeping beating ceaseless carrying deseases
I don’t care about things like that right now I see you staring at
the horizon not made for us we can’t discuss the colour of the things he does
we enter stage to praise our rage it’s clear that

Whenever I see you – I will always be on your side

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