Remember when we sat face to face
assuring us that we had ourselves,
promising us that we had ourselves
in our own strong hands

Shaking heads about the fact
that we will never understand
that we fight for not understanding
what happened today and here

Now look at us
we´re like years before
bamboozling with our words
like we have done before

Now look at us – our maturity
gives us the security
to substitute the vanity
to laugh about the past

The future is – like we now know
the judge of the behaviour
that past has shown us
immidiately and unmistakably, too

Let´s take it as it comes and try to change our brain-bends instead…

The absent-minded time you live
won´t leave until you´ve gotten it
that we haven´t yet understood
what brings us to the fulfillment of the desire

Now run to the hills and enslave `em like you are
Mind is a matter of opinion even if no one admits it
The hey-day of hesitation has come when you´re sure it won´t come
So don´t think it´s their fault when you stand naked in your own show

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